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Several weeks ago, Tara Roberts, Senior Editor of CosmoGIRL! magazine, contributed an article to theRoot.com professing her support for Hillary Clinton and bemoaning the derision with which fellow African Americans have met her choice of candidate. Roberts argues that her race is not the predominate feature of her identity and vents her frustration at the overwhelmingly negative response of her peers towards her decision to back Clinton. Unfortunately for Ms. Roberts, this response is not wholly unjustified.

While I have little quarrel with Mrs. Clinton’s politics, I do have an issue with the post-feminist backlash against Obama that is promoted by many of her supporters. By allying herself with the likes of Gloria Steinem or Geraldine Ferraro, women who support her campaign on the basis of a ‘gender gap’ while simultaneously ignoring the socio-economic gulf that exists between whites and blacks in this country, Hillary has damaged her own credibility. Ferraro’s remarks in particular, and Hillary’s refusal to decry or even to acknowledge them, are a glaring indication of the increasingly misguided aims of the feminist movement in this country. While both are obviously still pressing issues, the ‘gender gap’ in America exists on fewer fronts and appears to be narrowing at a greater rate than does the ‘race gap’.

As a black woman Ms. Roberts is stuck between a rock and a hard place, bound to be criticized by a section of her peers regardless of her choice of candidate. Perhaps the acquaintances who question her decision simply wonder why she would choose to throw her support behind the candidate whose campaign has sought to actively devalue a portion of her identity. I guess there’s much to be said for CosmoGIRL! Power.


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