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China just can’t seem to keep their story straight.

First He’s 14, as reported by China’s official English-language paper on May 23rd.

Then He’s 16, proud holder of a passport with a 1992 birthday.

Now He’s 13, at least according to a report published last November by China’s government sponsored news agency.

Regardless of age, one thing’s for sure: He’s a lady.  And maybe, just maybe, the source of more confusion than any person on the planet at the moment.

Since well before the Chinese women took home the overall Gold on Monday night, competitor He Kexing has been at the center of a raging controversy over the ages of China’s delegates.  According to reports, online documents which reported He’s age to be 13 as of last year disappeared just in time for China to submit a passport listing her birthday as January 1, 1992.  Now, one such document has surfaced, a listing of gifted young Chinese athletes published at the end of last year by the government.



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